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Wedding Celebrant

or Registrar?


Gone are the days of one size fits all: not everyone wants the same ceremony.  Today you have the choice to celebrate your wedding or naming ceremony where and how you wish,  be it in a private country house or a farmer's field, and this is where I, as a celebrant, can help create the perfect ceremony that truly reflects you.


Your ceremony can be performed ANYWHERE by a celebrant.  You are not restricted to a licensed venue. 

More and more people want to choose an unusual space or personal setting to host their wedding.  


If the venue has a license using a registrar to conduct the marriage is an option but it is not the ONLY option. 

The wording, music and spiritual content can be restricted by a Registrar led ceremony due to the legal requirements.  Additionally, it must happen within a "permanent structure" so you cannot have the ceremony "in the open air" or on a train, or in a hot air balloon should the fancy take you!


Marriage is basically a contract and like registering a birth or death can be carried out at the register office separately and then you have a Ceremony at a time and place to suit you and to completely reflect you and your partner.

The actual legal wording of a marriage is made up of just two declarations.  The first is a declaration that you are free to marry.  The second includes words that by which you accept each other as husband and wife; husband and husband or wife and wife. There are choices as follows:  

"I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I..........may not be joined in matrimony to............"

"I call upon these persons here present to witness that take be my lawful wedded wife/husband"


"I declare that I know of no legal reason why I............may not be joined in marriage to........."

"I.........take you/ be my wedded wife/husband"


(By replying "I am" to the question)
Are marry......? "I am"

"I......... take you/ be my wedded wife/husband"

These are the words legally required for marriage and must be said in front of a registrar and performed at either a register office, licensed venue or church.  You must also formally identify yourselves to the registrar, and you and two witnesses must sign the marriage certificate in front of the registrar for your marriage to be recognised in law.  


You have to choose from the above two sets of declarations. Your ceremony, led by a registrar cannot include anything that’s is spiritual or related to religion (unless you are having a church wedding).   


Did you know The ring exchange is NOT part of the legal aspect of the marriage?

Your story about your journey to your wedding day will not be included.  You might not even meet the registrar before the service, and the ceremony is usually fairly quick and you can’t be late or you could lose your spot!   

You may be happy with the uniform council ceremony and this works for many many people - but often because they do not know they have a choice to make the ceremony much much more personal.  

But, your Ceremony does not have to be performed by a registrar or vicar.  In fact, the exchange of rings and personal vows are not part of the legal requirement.  They can be saved for your personally designed wedding ceremony after the “official marriage” and this is where I can provide you with a very personal service to ensure your celebration contains everything you want. 


​A Celebrant offers you the chance to have your ceremony your way.  Exactly how you would like it. You can even write your own vows or promises and they can be as long or short as is right for you. 

You can involve who you want to read a poem or you play whatever music you want,  or you can include a symbolic act, for example, hand-tying or the releasing of doves – whatever you want to mark the occasion.   It really can be as special and magical and imaginative as you want.

The important thing is your unique and personal ceremony, be it a wedding, naming or renewal of vows can be held where and when you want and contain whatever religious or non-religious elements you feel are right for you and your families.

Please note that Marriage and Civil Partnerships are different. With a Civil partnership you cannot call yourself married - or Mr and Mrs (Mr & Mr, Mrs & Mrs). Please contact me if you want to know more about having a ceremony to celebrate your civil partnership.

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash
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