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Symbolic Elements

A symbolic action or element is a special ritual that you may choose to include in your ceremony. 

These can be incorporated to signify special meanings.  There is no end of actions that you can use to represent something special in your relationship/family.  They can be made to suit any ceremony and can involve as many people as you want. 


Below are just three classical, simple but very lovely ideas to add meaning to your ceremony.   There are many many more.  Of course, each one can be adapted to suit you, or we can even create your own.

I also love to adapt rituals based on your story and family history and to create something that reflects you both now and in for the future.

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Sand Ceremony  


A beautiful symbolic way to represent the joining or blending of family members together.  

Each member of the family has a different colour (each with their own meaning). In turn, the sand is poured into a beautiful jar - and can never be separated.


Memory Box Ceremony

I use these during naming ceremonies.   During the ceremony the guest speakers are invited to place their readings in the box and then after the ceremony everyone is invited to put a small gift inside the box.  There are no rules - apart from it should have meaning from the guest to  you.  It could simply be a poem or a letter or a small gift like a gemstone.

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