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Funeral or

Celebration of Life


This video is a snippet of a funeral that was

planned 3 months before the demise of my client.

I worked with her and her family to arrange the funeral that she wanted.  

It was an honour to have been part of the last few months of her life and to be able to support the family to have the service that she had chosen herself.  I am very grateful to the family for allowing me to show this video. 

Click here:  Video

Firstly, you are probably here because you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one, for that I am so sorry.  Having lost my own father at a young age and other close friends and family I can only try and appreciate your grief.


Grief is different for everyone, and there is no right or wrong way to deal with it.  We all react in different ways. 


This is an extremely difficult time to think clearly and make decisions.


You will have lots of questions in your head and lots of different things you need to think about. One of these may be what sort of ceremony you want to arrange.  You may already have a clear idea about what is wanted, but often people are not prepared or not been given instructions by the deceased of what they want. 

I will work with you, listen to what you want, advise you and work with your funeral director (if you are having one) to create a commemoration or service that is right for you, your family and friends to say farewell.

My ceremony will be very personal and heartfelt.  Each ceremony is written completely from scratch.


The ceremony may take place at a crematorium, woodland burial, in a chapel or even somewhere else of your choosing. 


If you want to talk about your options please just let me know.  I am happy whatever you want and appreciate that you may want something very different.


Please do contact me to ask for further information or if you have any questions at all about a ceremony led by myself. 


I really want to give you the right service for you and your loved ones.



I  am a member of The Good Funeral Guild

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