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Coronavirus - Covid-19

Dear dear friends, old and new.


Well, I never thought I would be creating a page and writing a message like this.


This must be one of the most difficult times the world has faced - and I mean the world.

The information about Coronavirus (Covid-19) is changing daily around what we can and cannot do. 


I cannot promise to update this daily but I wanted to put out a message about how I, as a wedding and funeral celebrant, am working with both existing and new clients.

Firstly any existing ceremonies that need to be re-booked: I will do my absolute best to make sure I can meet any new dates - this year or next year.   

For any other couples, or families that are now having to re-think and replan their ceremony as a result of Coronavirus (Covid-19), talk to me about how I can help.

For example, you may be looking at a different type of wedding ceremony.  If your venue or registrar/officiant cannot accommodate the date you want, then talk to me about a celebrant led ceremony.   

This could include a 'Virtual Ceremony' or 'Mark the day ceremony'.

For people who were not able to attend funerals, you may want to hold a meaningful and special memorial, with time to reflect on your loved one and finally say goodbye, at a later date.  We did this for my father. He died September 1982 and we had a tree planting for him in April 1983, when all the family could attend.  It was extremely special and has left us all with a special place to go. It can provide a great sense of peace to have somewhere special to go and remember them by. Time to sit and think.

These are unprecedented times and we need to support one another. I cannot provide any guidance on Coronavirus (Covid-19) - this is up to the experts, but I can help you replan your ceremony.

Warmest and sincerest regards Alex

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